50 & Fine

Sep 7, 2017

50 and fine – This woman is gorgeous!  Photography by Desiree is a Fort Collins boudoir photographer.  We specialize in Modern Beauty and Boudoir Sessions.  Modern Beauty Sessions are always an opportunity to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and an opportunity to inhabit our bodies for an afternoon. Modern Beauty is a bit like boudoir photography but it includes more everyday and glamour.  It is not just about your body, it’s about who and where you are in your life right now.  It’s an opportunity to see yourself in a new way.  It’s a chance to tap into that side of yourself you may feel you have lost touch with.  Dianna has done three Modern Beauty/Boudoir Sessions with me over the past several years.  This session was to celebrate her 50th birthday.  I absolutely admire how she completely owns it, celebrates it and looks gorgeous doing it!  I am so blessed I get to have clients like Dianna, we have gotten to know each other over the past 10 years while I have been capturing her family as it has grown and changed.  We have captured many milestones in our journey together.  It is so much fun to create images for herself as well as images I know her man will love.  She is a classic beauty who is incredibly brave and sexy.  Modern Beauty sessions begin your pampering with champagne and a make over.  We have an amazing make up artist, Keegan from http://www.steelethespotlight.com who will help you begin your day by taking care of both your hair and make up.  She is an INCREDIBLE make up artist and we absolutely love everything she does for our clients!  Next we will photograph you in a different setting for each of your 4-5 looks.  We begin with a couple everyday looks, move into a dress look (perhaps something cocktail or evening gown), then something that is sexy to you, next we will move into our white sheet series or another way you would love to be photographed, and finally we will end with relationship portraits if we are incorporating your kids, your mom, sister, or husband into your session.  I will give you lots of direction the whole day, I will talk you through posing, expression and relaxing into your session.  We will have fun and I promise to show you how beautiful you are.  These sessions are for women of all sizes and ages, BEAUTY IS FOR EVERYONE.  This experience can transform how you see yourself.


50 and fine – Fort Collins studio boudoir photographer.

smiling photo of woman in pink dress on a pink background
woman wearing a silk dress and black leather coat sitting on a corvette (fort collins portrait photographer)
woman wearing red lingerie with a white fur coat over it (fort collins glamour and boudoir photographer)
close up black and white sexy image of a woman taken in studio (fort collins modern beauty and boudoir photographer)

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