Dressing For Your Business Headshot

Sep 20, 2022

Stressing about your upcoming business headshot? Can’t find the right outfit? We’re here to help! When you book a business headshot with Photography by Desiree, we send you our clothing guide curated specifically to assist you in highlighting your best qualities. This guide not only assists you in choosing the best color scheme, but also the best clothing for your body type. The PBD Team is always ready and willing to assist you in choosing the best outfit for your headshot.
Depending on your career field, you may choose to keep it professional or add some personality to your clothing choice. With the right guidance, your outfit can highlight the unique qualities that make you great at what you do!
And, yes, what you wear on the bottom half matters! At Photography by Desiree, we strive to capture you at your best, in the most accessible and versatile way. This means shooting a wider photo so that your LinkedIn or Facebook profile photo isn’t cropped too tight. This isn’t Zoom, we can see the PJs below your business blazer!
Not only do we assist in choosing the right outfit, we can also connect you with one of the best makeup artists around to give you the full experience. Keegan from Simply Pretty Artistry does an outstanding job of full coverage makeup as well as hair if you so desire.
Let’s elevate your business headshots!

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