Modern Boudoir Session Celebrating Transformation

Apr 5, 2018

This woman is a complete gem! She’s one of the most beautiful souls we’ve ever has the pleasure of photographing and at 53, she’s in the best shape of her life! Talk about goals!

You know when you meet someone and you instantly can tell you’re going to be friends for life? This is exactly what it was like when Tish walked into our studio over 3 years ago.

She originally came in inquiring about senior photos for her daughter, Emma, and we immediately knew it wouldn’t just be Emma we’d get in front of the camera. Emma went on to be part of our 2015 Model Team and over that year we were able to photograph her and her beautiful mama and forge a lifelong friendship.

It is so important to commemorate each phase of our lives- there’s something to be celebrated about each chapter and we wanted to do this for Tish through a modern beauty session. What a wonderful time for her to be documented as she’s worked so hard on building a beautifully strong body and spirit.

That’s what modern beauty sessions are all about- not only capturing images but capturing spirit.

We worked with Tish to pull together a handful of different looks for her shoot that she felt would represent her well. The first was a sleek, glamorous look, where she wore a stunning LBD and heels. Against our gold backdrop she looked like such a vision!

The next look highlighted her soft, down-to-earth side. She’s an incredible healer through her massage therapy and we wanted to document this warm beautiful side.

The last look we shot was classically beautiful boudoir and fitness. We showcased the body she’s put countless hours towards and worked so hard to build.

We created a stunning set of images for her to look back on and cherish for years to come. We know one day Emma is going to adore having these gorgeous portraits of her mom and many years from now they’ll mean more to her than she ever thought possible. She’ll be able to look back and hear her mother’s laugh and remember her as she will forever be in her mind. A stunningly powerful and strong woman who can light up any room with her radiant energy and warmth.

Every woman deserves this opportunity.

You deserve a chance to reconnect with all the sides of yourself which can often get lost with life’s ups and downs.

It’s one of the most incredible experiences for both our clients and us, to give this gift of reconnecting with yourself and believing in your own power and beauty again. We see it happen time and time again as clients leave our studio with a new-found and rediscovered confidence in themselves.

It’s the most beautiful transformation and celebration to be a part of.

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