PBD Models | Welcome 2020 Team!

Jun 3, 2019

It’s hard to believe we are already welcoming the class of 2020 and kicking off this year’s senior season!

Each year as Spring rolls around, we get to create an amazing group of individuals that will be our studio reps for the year. Over the course of their summer and senior year, we coordinate photoshoots with different themes, vibes, styles, etc. and photograph our model team to capture the shoot’s message. Our team then ends up with a bunch of cool photos they otherwise would have never had!

We absolutely love the opportunity of working with high school seniors and being able to give them a unique senior photography experience. By working with us for an entire year our team gets the expanded PBD experience- even more confidence building, mentoring, and inspiration. We strive to give this to each and every client that walks through our door but are really able to explore this with our model team since we work with them over the course of 10 months. Along with these themed shoots, we do other fun activities like yoga with goats, volunteer work in the community, and overnight stay in Denver and more to help forge strong relationships within the team. We think the power of friendship is one of the most amazing and important things in this life, and we love being able to bring a group of strong, beautiful souls together to show them just how incredible friendship, connection, and being on one another’s team is.
The images in this post are from the first shoot we just did with our 2020 team, and let us just say, we are in LOVE with this year’s team! We decided to do these personality panels for the first shoot to really showcase each model’s individual spirit. It’s the perfect way to begin to get to know all the facets of their personalities and allow them to just let loose in front of the camera. Possibly the best part is watching each girl’s personality unfold as we work with them during this first session. This is usually their first time working with our studio and being professionally photographed, and it is the best to look back on this shoot and these images at the end of the year and see how far they have come!

We are so looking forward to this next year and working with these girls to create incredible images and an unforgettable year.

Cheers to your senior year girls! Here’s to making it the best year yet!

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