What is the PBD Model Program?

Sep 20, 2022

It’s that time again… summer flew by and it is time to jump back into the school year! We had such a great start to the 2023 model program this summer. We started off the season with an in-studio Color Play-themed shoot, followed by our all-day shoot in Denver. We absolutely can’t wait to get to know these girls and watch them flourish on and off camera.

The model team is made up of local high school juniors going into their senior year. Not only do they get their senior session with Photography by Desiree, but they are able to participate in various, carefully curated shoots throughout the year. Last year, for example, our team chose to do an album cover shoot where we designed personalized covers inspired by their favorite artists. This was such a fun shoot and gave the girls the perfect introduction to the program! A few other shoots we did with the 2022 PBD Model Team include a floral stylized studio shoot, a boho-themed shoot in a dreamy Denver location, as well as a Vogue inspired shoot to close out the year. You can browse some of those awesome shots below!

In addition to documenting this special time of their lives, the models also gather as a group for team dinners and bonding where we explore topics such as self-expression and identity, the impacts of social media, and how to use it as a force for good, and creating community.

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