Curated by Juliana Our Fort Collins Go-To Stylist

Aug 23, 2020

I’ve really enjoyed getting more involved in the Personal Branding photography for Fort Collins local brands and businesses. I especially love it when one of my favorite clients creates a business so directly tied to her talents…meet Curated by Juliana. Juliana has been a long time client who became a friend as I’ve been capturing her family for the past 7 years. She’s always had a talent for style and always nailed the outfits for the family sessions. She’s got such a fun and outgoing personality, super down to earth and kind… and hilarious. She has the greatest laugh!

I was super excited when she got in touch with me to create brand photos for her new website (designed by the amazing Fire & Flow Design Studio). I loved that she was creating a business out of something she is so good at, and something she is so passionate about. She shared some stories of friends that had not had family photos taken in YEARS because they get so overwhelmed by selecting the clothing, so they just end up not doing it and then they miss out on all of those memories and capturing their kids at all the different ages. Juliana has always made photos a priority for her family and values them so much. We have created an AMAZING collection over our years together, I could tear up just thinking of all the moments, quirks and love that we have documented in the Schump family. At our studio we have always sent a detailed Clothing Guide to help our clients, but this is the next level of service to have a personal stylist/shopper help you with getting it all together! She has multiple ways she can help you, from a little help to full service, no matter what you need she’s your lady!

One of the fundamentals of her philosophy is that style should be fun and we should all get out of our boxes a little bit and wear things that make us feel good. She’s easy to work with and will make your family photo session low stress, and we as a team will have you looking and feeling amazing at your shoot!

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